Rob Reynolds
Untitled (Portable L.A. Drinking Water Station)

Rob Reynolds



Bib&Sola water carafe, vintage Jim Morrison biographies, plexi-glass case.

22 1/8” h x  13 1/2”  w x 6” d

Multiple 1/10 +3 Aps



LA based artist Rob Reynolds worked with Bib&Sola, a UK based glassware company, to make an edition featuring a drinking water carafe and two glasses.


Pointing to the viability and environmental benefits of drinking tap water, this plexi-glass multiple holds a Bib&Sola hand blown water carafe inscribed with the words DRINK ME,along with two matching glasses and eleven vintage copies of the Jim Morrison biographyNo One Here Gets Out Alive.


Rob said:


I am interested in Los Angeles and water, and I love books. The Bib&Sola carafe reminds me to not drink bottled water (in style). And what with his unquenchable thirst for life, Jim Morrison might be an inspiring figure to consider as we drink more L.A. tap water. The inscription DRINK ME comes from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass, and points to water’s transformative potential.