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Patricia Fernádez
Rue de Latran

Limited Edition

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Rue de Latran
Risographs, silkscreen prints, unique watercolors and digital photos
76 pages
Edition of 100
Courtesy of the artist and LA><ART, Printed by New Byzantium


Rue de Latran takes its title from the name of a street in Paris where a building once housed the printing press, Ruedo Ibérico, which during the sixties and seventies served as a vehicle for the transmission of ideas that raised social consciousness in Spain against a fascist regime. This site also functioned as a communal space for Spaniards in exile; Fernández’s own father would spend countless hours reading on the staircase and engaging with compatriots in lively symposia.

While mining through her father’s collection of books published by Ruedo Ibérico, Fernández rediscovers a caché of letters inside of a carved wooden box her grandfather had made for her that uncovers a shared past between her father’s life and her own that overlaps at rue de Latran. These letters link her to the same address as the printing press where she had lived (unknowingly) fifteen years earlier while studying at the Sorbonne.

The epistolary format of Rue de Latran recovers fragments of historicized narratives, synchronicities, personal recollections based on her father’s memories, and her own present experience of someone else’s history. On her most recent visit to France, Fernández meets an exile who had smuggled Ruedo Ibérico books back to Spain at the time of Franco’s dictatorship. By embarking on this passage of the exile through the same route via the Pyrenees, Fernández recounts a non-hegemonic history that manifests its multifaceted authorship as it is retold and rewritten over time.