Jedediah Caesar
In his exhibit, Rozoj, featured at LA><ART from September 7 – October 19, 2013, Jedediah Caesar explored the shifting significations that we apply to organic material and manmade objects.  Caesar’s imprinted resin sculptures were arranged according to attributes and arranged according to attributes and placed into taxonomic containers, as though they were excavated artifacts being readied for preservation.  Though disctinct, each combination of multiples mirrors the other, like a fossil uncovered in a dried seabed. Caesar was inspired by the Insulo de la Rozoj, a micornation built in 1967 on a platform in the Adriatic Sea, which introduced the image of its planned currency on stamps without reaching implementation.  Using this as a point of departure, Caesar, envisions the pelagic currency lost in time and offers prototypes that could be utilized by future micro nations. 

The exhibition catalogue, designed by Richard Massey, includes The Tale of… Isola de Rozoj, an excerpt featuring commentary and questions answered by Giorgio Rosa, the engineer behind Isola de Rozoj, offering the reader a glimpse of the inspiration behind Rozoj.  Additionally, the catalogue includes a critique by Aram Moshayedi of Caesar’s earlier work, Gleaner’s Stone, also produced by LA><ART.  With this catalogue, readers will gain insight into not only the Rojoz exhibit itself, but also Caesar’s inspiration and connection to his previous works.