Curator’s Council members make a charitable and tax- deductible donation at a minimum of $1,500 directly to the nonprofit contemporary art space LA><ART to produce new experimental contemporary art exhibitions and public art projects with emerging artists in Los Angeles.  This donation will secure a one-year membership to Curator’s Council.  
Council members will have the opportunity to directly engage with and support the realization of artist’s work and develop relationships with emerging artists that reflect traditional values of patronage through dinners, studio visits, gallery openings and private exhibition walkthroughs.  
Additionally, members receive intimate access to the Los Angeles art world, including events at homes of private collectors and panel discussions with art professionals. 

Julie Miyoshi, Co-Chair
Ron Handler, Co-Chair
Lindsay Pennington, Co-Chair
Mara Akil
Sheryl Amster
January Arnall
Michele Asselin
Alexandra Balahoutis
Abigail and Matthew Bangser
Holly Baxter
Wendy Block
Tim Buggs
JoAnn and Ronald Busuttil
Blake Byrne
Jay Carlile
Miri Chais
Matt Checkowski
Bianca Chen
Joel Chen
Fiona Chen
Mary Leigh Cherry
Joe Coriaty
Joseph Deegan-Day
Laura Donnelley
Lonti Ebers
Jenny Eisenpresser Kwit & Alex Kwit
Adam Englander
Casey Feldman
Andrea Feldman Falcione
Veronica Fernandez
Viveca Paulin-Ferrell
Daniel Flores
Leslie Fram
Peter Friedlander 
Jenny Fritz
Oliver Furth
Jane Glassman 
Rochelle Glucksman
Dorothy Goldeen
Mark Goldstein
Michael Goldstein
Rowanne Henry
Kenneth Hirsch
Kristin Jones
Alexis Johnson 
Isaac Joseph
Colleen Karis
Donanne Kasicki
Christine Kim
Maureen Kassel
Bettina Korek
Debbie Laub and Edward Israel
William Leavitt
Kathryn Lebowitz
Iris Marden
Tara Roth McConaghy
Juliet McIver
Phil Mercado & Todd Quinn 
Hillary Metz
Yasmine Mohseni 
Denise Luiso Morello
Dori & Charles Mostov
Irene Neuwirth
Deborah Page
Sanford Panitch
Jeffrey Pechter
Andrea Pemberton
Charles Pohlad
Elizabeth Portnova
Michael Price
Victoria Cuthbert Quinn
Marc Richards
Carlos Rivera
Melanie Miller Regberg
Connor Remes
Tracy Abrams Rosen
David Ross 
Susan & Bob Rifkin
Lindsay Berger Sacks
Kori Sahin
Mark Sandelson
Jennifer & Fred Savage
Adam P. Schneider
Amir Shariat
Robyn Siegal
Marie-Laure Simoens
Catharine & Jeffrey Soros
Laura Sweeney
Steve Tisch
Deborah and David Trainer
Billie Milam Weisman
Mary Wells
John Yoon
Laurie Ziegler
Angie Zupan
Sharón Zoldan